Motherhood Stuffs: Get Your Baby Summer Ready With These 6 Outfit Ideas

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Get Your Baby Summer Ready With These 6 Outfit Ideas

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to help your baby show off those adorable, chubby thighs. When it comes to choosing the right clothes for your little one, you will want to find outfits that will help keep them cool, comfortable, and safe from the sun. Don’t forget to add a pair of comfortable shoes, a hat, and some sunglasses to the mix! Here are seven outfit ideas that every infant needs to get them through the long, hot summer days.

For a quick, easy way to avoid morning tantrums and get straight to the fun activities planned for the day, pick up plenty of rompers for your little guy or gal. You won’t need to try to put together matching outfits or search for the perfect pair of shorts. Simply slip their romper on, button it up, and go enjoy the sunshine.

Baseball Onesies
Summertime means baseball season, so help your baby cheer on their favorite team with the rest of the family by getting them a couple of baseball onesies. There are plenty of styles out there for both girls and boys, and you can even find matching socks, booties, bibs, and other accessories to complete the look.

Paired with a shirt or an exposed belly, bloomers a comfortable alternative to shorts that are easy to slip on and off your little one’s bum for diaper changes. They don’t have any buttons or zippers and are designed to be super stretchy.

Summer is the best time to pull out the dresses as they’ll help your little girl keep cool and look adorable. If your baby is too young to start wearing sunscreen, you can include some thin leggings and a cardigan to shield their skin and complete the look.

Blouses and Dress Shirts
For church Sundays or occasions that call for a dressier getup, opt for short sleeve blouses and button-up dress shirts. These look great paired with a pair of lightweight leggings or shorts. You can even add some suspenders and bowties to outfits for boys. Sandals and a matching bow will complement a blouse well.

What’s cuter than a baby in overalls? For summertime, choose shorts overalls, sometimes called “shortalls.” While denim overalls are a classic look that will never get old, there are plenty of different overall patterns when you want to add some variety. Character overalls, animal-themed overalls, and comfortable cotton material overalls are all great ideas.

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