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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Dollar General Additional 50% off Event

I have been sharing some deals here regarding how you can save money on buying household items, personal cares and many more. Some are even FREE after the rebates you applied. It doesn’t take very long to do it, however you must be patience and persevere in order to attain your goal.

I wasn’t before until I stood up and now, I am able to get items based on what I needed and get them basically free oh, I need to pay Uncle Sam with tax.

Yesterday April 27 was the start of Dollar General’s “CLEARANCE EVENT”. But it doesn’t end there; this event will be until April 29, 2018.  They will take an additional 50% off to the already reduced clearance items.

You have to scavenge to get a great deal. I did partially with my sister yesterday morning, when no one seems to care about the deal. I need to get back today to get more of the very low cost items in the store.

Of course, if you have coupons to use, you can basically get the items almost as cents. There is one of the items that I got for paying only $0.50. I really needed the refill dust, but I don’t like paying more than $1-2. Perfect, as I have a digital coupon that was still clipped and never used the last time I was at the Dollar General. 
Above was the coupon you need to clip...
Clearance Cost of this is $5.00 (outrageous for only 3 refills). But due to the additional 50% off this goes down to $2.50 (still way too much). The goodness is that, I have DIGITAL COUPON (which can be found at your Dollar General Account, you have to register and make sure to clipped this coupon) I can stash with the item. I entered my number at the register and it automatically deducted. My new total amount for this item is only $0.50, even cheaper and that I can pay for.
Proof of the transaction....
So, what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest Dollar General Store and starts your haul. Good Luck!!!

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