Motherhood Stuffs: Couponing and Part Time working

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Couponing and Part Time working

I started working with my friend’s online business since late of last year. I figured that while at home and be with our 2 years old, having a part time work is a great way to earn money and save at the same time enjoys what you love to do.

I get to work on the time that I can work without a hassle, as well as go to the store to get my free or a moneymaker deal.

It was hard to balance at first, managing between the priorities in life is very hard. But my children and family would always comes first, if they are the once who needs my full attention, no matter what it is, I will drop it and takes care of them first. That’s what mothers should do.

After months of managing my time I am finally aware of what’s going to happen in a week. It may sound routinely and boring and repetitive, however I’m happy and satisfied. I may not get everything I wanted, as long as my family is happy of the things that I’ve done I am happy.

That’s it for now; I have not given up with my blogging as I am trying to make sure that this will never be set aside. For I also earn more money here as well.  I’m trying to include the updates and to share more knowledge and experiences that I have had in life through here.

It may be a little while to finally adjust the changes, however I’m trying my best to keep up to all the things that has been going on.

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