Motherhood Stuffs: Went back to the BIG FLEA MARKET

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Went back to the BIG FLEA MARKET

It was one early morning, when the my sister, her friend, my niece and aunt decided to go for a walk towards the Flea Market to buy some fresh and good fruits, vegetables and meats.

We were there about time, yet we already missed some of the good ones as they were all sold out too fast. You can see the difference of the scenery from the early in the morning to the sun is up.

It was very crowded and if you aren’t that type of person who can handle too many people, the flea market in Gensan is not for you.  It was a fun experience once again, it is like during my younger days when my Mama used to bring us with her to go to the flea market so just she can buy those cheap fresh fruits and vegetables and meat and even bargain with them.

I never liked it, because it was too crowded, people are just everywhere and you need to carry all these stuff with you also. If you go to the wet market in which all the fresh seafoods are, don’t expect that your slipper won’t ever get wet because it will.

Now, it seems like I became a young child once again, except that we didn’t have Mama with us. But it was fun to go back with her too, that one afternoon when I told her that I would love to eat dried fish, and she actually find the “hipon” a very tiny shrimp that she sauté with pork and tomatoes, in which she planned on making one so I can bring it with me in the US.

The experience all over again is amazing, I love to take my children into these place once they are all grown up, just to see and to experience what I have been during my youthful years. 

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