Motherhood Stuffs: Trick or Treating with the Awesome Glow in the Dark Bag

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Trick or Treating with the Awesome Glow in the Dark Bag

It was so nice to get a FREE Glow in the dark bag before Halloween even started and before the kids will go out for their trick or treating. They have their plastic Halloween pale before, yet it sometimes gets too full whenever they have so many candies.

I love the bag because it came with the three different colors for me and my kids to pick the color we wanted for the design. Instruction were so simple and quick to understand and because it was a tote we only need one thing to make sure that it won’t blot the ink inside and on the other side of the bag, paper.
These are the kit that I received

Tried to get a glowed picture...but it didn't work out as it is still bright while taking the picture.

Closer look of the design and my coloring...

It does have an awful smell while we are coloring, and the good news is that it doesn’t stay long. It takes a little while before it goes away and after that, everything seems to be great.

I really don’t have a pattern of which colors go to what, however simple designs for a great and elegant outcome is what I’m working on this tote.

The tote is thick and sturdy, they did have a lot of candies stash during the trick or treating, and I’m happy that I have a big tote enough for all the candies to put before the kids and husband head back home. 

Thank you Colortime Crafts and Markers for this wonderful opportunity you have given for my kids and I have to do before Halloween and use the tote.

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