Motherhood Stuffs: How to Be Prepared as a Hockey Parent - Protecting Your Child from Injuries

Sunday, November 05, 2017

How to Be Prepared as a Hockey Parent - Protecting Your Child from Injuries

As a parent, you want to do all you can to encourage your child to live a healthy and active lifestyle. This often means joining a sport where they can have all the physical health benefits and the social benefits at once. If that is a sport of choice happens to be hockey then parents tend to have at least a moment of worry. With hockey being such a fast-paced and physical sport, injuries can often happen. A typical bruise or bump is nothing to be concerned about, but, unfortunately, with hockey, the injuries can be much more serious.

So, how can you as a parent, be prepared and help to prevent serious injuries from occurring, while allowing your child to enjoy the game to its fullest? Here are some tips that can be used in preventing hockey injuries.

Protect Against Ankle Sprains

When it comes to common injuries, ankle sprains are among the top contenders with hockey players. Because this happens when your ankle rolls outwards, it makes sense that hockey can cause such an injury. Ankle sprains are often very painful and may even be a broken ankle, not just a sprain. It's best to get checked immediately, get rest, ice it, compress it, and elevate it.

To help prevent an ankle injury, make sure your child is wearing skates that offer optimal support for the ankle. Athletic tape around the ankle can help, but it won't prevent injury.

Protect Against ACL/PCL Injuries

This is another painful and often common injury on the rink. These are the ligaments that are used to extend, flex, and stabilize your knee. Because hockey is such an aggressive contact sport, it's not unusual to take hits to the knee. It can even be the player's own fault if they turn quickly while leaving their foot planted in one spot.

To help prevent these injuries, the rules must be followed so thatplayers aren't purposely hurting others, and you can teach your child about proper skating skills and making sure they understand how easily a knee injury can occur.

Protect Against Whiplash

Yes, this is the same whiplash that can occur in a car accident. If your child has come to a complete stop and they are suddenly bumped or pushed in a jarring motion, it can cause whiplash. Whiplash can vary in severity and should never be taken lightly. If you suspect they have it, they should be checked out right away.

Again, encouraging the rules of conduct to be followed will help to eliminate the odds of getting whiplash.

Protect Against Bruises

This is the mildest of injuries on the list, but that's not to say it shouldn't be taken seriously. Everyone gets bruises, but in such an aggressive sport as hockey, it can actually lead to a rather significant bruise. If there is a lot of swelling that isn't going away, it's very red and painful then it's best to see a doctor. There could be another injury involved, such as a broken bone. Proper protective padding and equipment can help to cut down on a number of bruises.

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