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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Got me a Hickies Product

I love Hickies the minute I got their free product to try. I no longer have to tie my shoes and all I do is to slip my feet into my walking shoes and then I’m off and ready to go. No more tying and all, also it keeps my feet snug with my walking shoes.

It is very simple and quick to put on my shoes and once I’ve done it? I don’t need to keep doing it unless I wanted to be more created and use different ways.

They are plastic so they don’t get ruined right away. They also have different colors if you want to use them. They sent me one plain color and in different colors.

I believe this is a great stocking stuffer for the upcoming Christmas Holiday. I’m very much advance, I’d like to think the gifts now and starts to collect them and buy them in order to be done before Christmas.

Go to their website and just simply check the colors they have, you might be able to find the one for you. 

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