Motherhood Stuffs: Birthday in Heaven... In Loving Memory of Lilia A. Salas

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Birthday in Heaven... In Loving Memory of Lilia A. Salas

Happy Birthday Ma,
You may not be here with us physically
But we are sure spiritually.

First birthday in Heaven with the Lord Almighty
And now together with your parents, some of your siblings, your grandson and I’m sure your dear close friends and relatives.

We all may have a broken hearts because of your departure
However, we are also happy in spite of leaving us
Since we knew that in Heaven, there are no longer pain and sufferings
And you deserve more to be there.

We are grateful and proud to have you as our Mother,
For ALL the good things, sacrifices, care and the unconditional love you have given to us.
You guided us, and ensure to choose the right path in life.

We will miss your advices in life,
We will miss your stories in your life,
We will miss your beautiful voice,
We will miss your physical appearance of just being there,

We will miss your laughs and smile,
We will miss your kindness,
And we will just miss everything about you, Ma.

Please still guide us Ma,
Because we still need you,

I may always say these words,
But Ma, we will continue your legacy and you will never EVER be Forgotten,
You are forever in our hearts.

THANK YOU MA, for all those years being with us,
Now it is time for you to rest of us to stop being selfish about you,
To be merrier in a Wonderful Place in Heaven,
We LOVE YOU so Much Ma, Always and Forever.

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