Motherhood Stuffs: I got my second son’s labeling stickers

Saturday, May 27, 2017

I got my second son’s labeling stickers

I know, I know it’s way too early and I am not too excited for him to be in school yet,  I know for sure time will come that he eventually has to go to school just like his Kuya, and hope that by then I will be ready. I can also use some of the stickers I got towards his stuffs. So, he knows that those belonging was his. And because, I have this wonderful opportunity to again, get another batch/set of stickers I took advantage of making one for our second boy.

I never have confusions nor problems with my transactions online, find the right tools and design is so simple, quick and interesting. Of course, it helps when you have tried the website before. They have quite  a variety of designs, from simple logo to a branded as well as team names.

Nevertheless, since my son likes dogs, I choose the dog’s head as his logo and select the blue color for the label. I did fight on which font to use until I come up with the simple the better to read one.

As this product is free of charge, I was provided with a code that I can utilize towards the item. Without reading the whole situations they have in their system when they emailed the code, I used mine without any problem except I have to pay the shipping. I was supposed to get a $30 code that can cover my entire order, and as they have a mild circumstances that I didn’t noticed until I placed my order and seen that I have to pay for the shipping whereas it could be free.

I contacted and chatted with one of their representatives, explained what happened and he right away credited me back with the fee. It was refunded that quick and the next 2 days I received my item. Of course, shipping isn’t free and because I picked priority that’s why I got them earlier. Therefore, if something goes wrong, a chat with their CS isn’t a problem at all. Everything seems fast and resolve my inquiry the way both sides agreed.

As for the product itself? I love it, it is more than I anticipated and the size as well as the resolution of the is high-quality. I like it and I am pleased with the product as well as the pieces it has, if you are on a tight budget this might be pricey, however it’s worth your money though.

You can simply visit and you can use the code USFAMILY25 for a 25% off on your entire purchase because I did. 

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