Motherhood Stuffs: Happy Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day

A once a year celebration to honor the hardworking, patience and a loving unconditionally. This happens every second Sunday of the month of May. Some countries might be earlier than the United States and Philippines. We planned a surprised activity, gifts and more to show our mother how we appreciate all their sacrifices and their undying love for us.

There are mother’s who are living and those who passed away, in which both will never be forgotten. We always prayed for them, and replaced those times that they care us while we are still young.

Today, May 14th is a Mother’s Day my Mother in law passed away 2 years ago. But my Mama is still alive and kicking. I truly miss her dearly and wished that I’m always near her so that I could spend more time with her. Calling a long distance is way much different, though it soothes me sometimes, but makes me miss her even more because all I can hear is her voice.

That’s why, I can’t wait soon to spend our time with her and my Papa and surely to create more memories along with my boys.

To all of the Mother’s in Heaven and on Earth… Happy Mother’s Day… without you, we will never be who we are right now. Thank you very much and we appreciate everything you did and will do for us. 

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