Motherhood Stuffs: A quick fly to New York City

Saturday, May 27, 2017

A quick fly to New York City

That’s right, our departure date for the New York City has arrived, my son and I are very much ready to a 2 days and 2 nights stay at the City that never sleeps. We left here May 25, 2017 with an exact flight time of 5:55am and arrived to John F. Kennedy [JFK] Airport at 7:22am. It was just a short flight approximately, 1 hour and 28 minutes duration. I just hope I have enough time to stay longer so that, everything won’t be a rushed. Yet, I believe that won’t happen during this quick trip.

I feel bad for my 2 year old, even though he won’t be walking yet, I’m sure his body is exhausting for this trip. I do believe he will be able to fine and hope he won’t get sick.

Got up 3AM in the morning to get ready for a 2 hour ride to get to the Buffalo NY Airport. The earlier the better, and it’s cheaper. Planned to go directly to the errands before enjoying the BIG and FAST Phase City. Of course, it was pouring when we got there! Not a great day for walking and wandering.

I’ve been to New York City before with my husband and our first born and this will be the second time around to be in this City again. What a privilege to actually be back there. And of course, I have Ate Cecille Fraser there who did help and very generous to make sure we stay at her place. Spend time and bond with her and her family.

Now, after those days being there, I am exhausted, our 2 year old is exhausted and shown some signs of sickness. I hope this cold goes away and it’s just because of the unpredictable weather of NY State.

I’m very tired yet, I’m still here making sure I have written this information before I forget about and also get a chance to check about schecter deals. 

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