Motherhood Stuffs: Do you ever believe in magic?

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Do you ever believe in magic?

Watching movies, whether if it’s old or latest is what my past time, which makes me congregate more of the ones that I would love to accumulate for keepsake. It might not be too frequent anymore, but I’d fairly have my own replica of my most wanted movies that way, I can watch it over and over or in anytime I wanted.

I’m more a fan of a fiction and sci-fi stories, and I also love to watch something unrealistic, although there are movies that were based from natural experience or a true story. One of it is The Haunting in Connecticut in which I beyond doubt find the movie very scary, also knowing the piece of information that it is based on a real life story is surreal.

I didn’t even discern about the existence of a black magic love spell until a friend of mine, shared what occurred to her relative that, they did not know his uncle was under a spell the entire time until after the spell worn-out, the consequence was opposite and this time it is a lifetime.

Now, after that I’ve known many card or palm readers in my hometown, some were true and others were just not. I don’t know where to find an accurate reader lately, but if you want and curious about this sort of supernatural, this website does give you some good in sequence about magic, love and psychology. Try and you’ll see what it grants you, visit

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