Motherhood Stuffs: Made my Pinakbet Dish

Friday, February 03, 2017

Made my Pinakbet Dish

I remember this Filipino dish vividly. Because, during my youth days this is one of my least favorite. I adhere to this dish whenever my mom cooked it for lunch or dinner. Of course, she often makes it because it consists of vegetables that is good and healthy for which our body needs. In which, it is a totally opposite in my perspective.

Growing up, I am not a big fan of any sort of leafy vegetables. I ate fruit kind of veggies, but not the leafy ones. It seems like no matter how I chew those veggies, it’ll never go down and no matter how imagine on how good it taste I’ve always feel and think the other way.

However, things change now and since I do know what’s best and what’s good to eat and since I’m not getting any younger vegetables is one of the main things that I’d always make sure to eat. Other than that, I’ve always wanted to show to our children that eating vegetable makes you strong and healthy.

Now that it is not rare to find the ingredients on this Dish, I finally cooked Pinakbet. The only thing I have to make sure is the bitter melon or known as “Ampalaya”. This fruit contains so many good vitamins and though it doesn’t taste good, when you know how to cook this veggie, you’ll love it. But I will never dare to eat this raw. Eventually you will find the right way to eat this fruit.

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