Motherhood Stuffs: Lechon Paksiw Finally

Friday, January 20, 2017

Lechon Paksiw Finally

One of my missed Filipino Dish that I’ve longed to make since I migrate to a different country. It seems like that usual food that I’ve been craving seem so hard to find but yet not too difficult to cook.

Today, I finally cooked the perfect Lechon Paksiw or leftover roast pig cooked with salt and vinegar. Or maybe comes with other condiments depends on your recipe.

Of course, with my sister’s help, cooking one is even easier and better. I have seen plenty of recipes online and I tried at least 1 of it and it’s not the flavor I wanted. I missed the flavor of an at home cook, something that would remind me of my mother .

It is not that much, but at least I will know what recipe and condiments to use when I have a leftover roast pig. 

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