Motherhood Stuffs: Homemade Chicken Wings Parmesan and Teriyaki Flavor

Friday, December 16, 2016

Homemade Chicken Wings Parmesan and Teriyaki Flavor

I remembered before that the only Chicken that I love to eat is either a grilled or the famous Chicken Joy of this famous fast food in the Philippines.

Now, because I can’t seem to just buy that kind of food anywhere here, the only thing that I can do is to make sure I get a closer to the usual taste of the chicken joy is to cook my own.

Found several recipes online and tried them, but that didn’t go easy. I have at least five different recipes until I found the one that I like, and so does my family.

I thought, it’s hard to cook this one, but I was wrong. It was quick and simple and if you have the right ingredients you definitely get the taste you wanted.

If you wish to try this recipe, search Chicken Wings Parmesan and Teriyaki Flavor online and it will give you a list of recipes. We all have different preference so I will keep the one that I like and you can find the flavor you want.

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