Motherhood Stuffs: I love my Monkey Mat #productreview

Saturday, November 12, 2016

I love my Monkey Mat #productreview

Although Summer is officially over in our part of the earth, I am still gathering some new stuffs that I can use towards the next incoming summer. My family and I love to travel, go out picnic and sometimes just hang around outside our backyard, as well as to just hang out in the school field right next to our house.

I like to just sit and watch my children play, run and just do whatever they want to consume all those energetic body. But, it’s just hard to bring a folding chair with me all the time.

My second child is a handful and I need to keep up with him as he is always on the go. So, I grabbed the opportunity to try and test Monkey Mat as they were doing a promotion.

Checking the item online wasn’t the hard, there were only 2 colors that you can choose from. One is red and the other one is gray and I picked gray, although I love RED, however, I like the idea that gray makes dirt visible free.

It is very easy to carry with, love the kind of material that the product is made, also it is soft, very nice to feel when you are lying on it. Can be safely washed in a washing machine as well as it is easy to dry.

Because the storage is attached into the mat itself, there is no way that I will be misplacing it. Easy to open and to store and the strap is just sturdy.

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