Motherhood Stuffs: Heart Shape Leche Flan

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Heart Shape Leche Flan

YES!!! I have finally made these delicious Leche Flan a famous dessert in the Philippines. It was one of those random days that I missed our Philippines Dish that I came up with the decision on making the sweet Leche Flan.

Because the ingredients are simple and I can easily find them all in my pantry and fridge. I never hesitated to make one.

Another family recipe that I can’t share with you, however, if you wish to cook Leche Flan, you can always count on Google’s search engine.

Making one is so easy and quick. Since I’ve been doing this for the past years, re-doing it over and over is easy piecey for me.

This is what came up and I’m glad I make it. Now, I will enjoy the taste of this sweet dessert that would remind me of my hometown. 

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