Motherhood Stuffs: Rolled Lasagna Recipe

Monday, September 19, 2016

Rolled Lasagna Recipe

It was the first time that I have baked this recipe. I was inspired because I found this video along with the recipe in one of the famous Social Media that I am subscribed with.

I save the video and I have finally baked one after gathering all the ingredients needed. It seems very simple and quick meal to prepare for the family, aside from that I’d like to make something that is different or maybe prepared differently.

And so, this Rolled Lasagna Recipe is one of them. I wasn’t sure if I have done it right, and I would suggest that you definitely cooked the lasagna pasta properly so it won’t be chewy when you eat it.

I guess, it would be one of those trial and errors that I experienced. But I do hope to find the recipe to share it here with you. 

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