Motherhood Stuffs: My Experience using the Daddy label website and enjoyed of the outcome

Monday, September 05, 2016

My Experience using the Daddy label website and enjoyed of the outcome

This would be the first time that  I was able to create something fun online. I mostly create my own unique designs, but because I have the chance to create my own, without spending any amount on it. I took the advantage of doing so. Besides, I’d love to share my experiences, whether if it is convenient or not to others.

As mentioned about, I am not familiar with the website itself. After I got the full link provided, I went to check what benefits it will give to me.
This is what you get when the item arrived in the mail
If you are looking for a nice label to use, whether if it’s for your kids, yourself or for a party. I would suggest to browse website to see their cool, unique and awesome designs online.

Creating your new account wasn’t too bad for a first timer. Everything went fast, the online website is very user-friendly too. I have chosen a simple design for my son because I don’t want to pay extra if I customized the school labels I wanted for him.
A closer look of the label I picked 
It only took me less than an hour to finally come up with my final label. I like it and I am sure based on my observation, the background that I picked will something my son would love to get.
Although, I found this part in one of the label pack...
I have to admit, I did have problem during payment. Because I have a promo code, I assumed that I don’t need to input my card information. That took me a while, good thing I knew someone that I have been emailing back and forth about the promotion and I emailed them about the predicament that I experienced during checkout.

Just to give you a heads up, even though you’ll have a promotional code, you are still obliged to put your card information. After I did that, it went straight through submission and confirmation.
It is just perfect for my son's School Supplies
I got the product within the timeframe of the shipment, earlier than I expected and that’s just amazing. Perfect that I will be able to use the label for my son’s items at school.

They look prettier than I ever thought. Much better in physical than what you see online. Of course, it will matter on how you create your own label online. 

I have only 2 labels that were dented but it’s fine. I am not too picky, I like the labels and I would definitely order another batch to this website again.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I did not receive any financial amount. I received the product for FREE  in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.

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