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Thursday, August 18, 2016

DJ Lighting

It’s not too late yet, we all know that there is still plenty of wedding event in the month of August. There are still some preparations that were not been able to finish for the said occasion.
Reception is the crucial part, as there are so many preparations to do and accomplished. Dates that need to double check, the things needed as well as the wedding musics, or in fact what would be the best is to have your own DJ at your wedding reception.

Through this idea, it would make your wedding day even more alive and memorable. If you haven’t found or if you are still in the process of looking for one, carries american dj lighting which also comes with light effects and they have great dj online.


  1. oooh, this is the first time I've heard of dj lighting. I can imagine how nice they would look when they're used at a wedding.

  2. DJ during reception? It sounds a great idea. Guests will surely have fun )

  3. DJ and lighting effects are two very important elements in a lively wedding reception.

  4. I missed attending a wedding ceremony. Though the rituals is fun but the reception is the best. You get the chance to grind and groove.

  5. A friend of mine here in the area could use this information.

  6. Wedding is an all year event granted the weather is good (sometimes even the weather is terrible). A highly planned wedding is needed to make it all a success.


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