Motherhood Stuffs: Space Saver is such an amazing creation, read more why? #Review

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Space Saver is such an amazing creation, read more why? #Review

I like this Space Saver 40 x 30 Inch Jumbo Bags with Double-Zip Seal and Triple Seal Turbo-Valve product. The sizes of each 5 bags are indeed in jumbo sizes. I like how it fits my 2 comforters and plus it comes with a manual pump, I don't need to use the vacuum if I want to use the pump. It is easy and only takes a little while before you suck all the air out of the bag.

Light weight, even the pump very handy too. One thing I don't like is that each bag were too thin. For some reason I did not notice and I pushed the filled bag in a plastic bin and for all I know the bag was ripped. That's where I figured out that the plastic bags were not too thick as I expected. It sealed properly and make sure you have to push it tighter, especially when you have a full bag. 

The sealer where the air comes out and where the pump sucks the air is also good. All you have to do is to easily open and close it, plus you won't get confused as it has labeled on which way to turn for open and close.

It does work at all. I have saved at least 80% space on my cabinets because of this space saver. It sucks those extra air and I'm happy that through this, it will keep away mildew, that odor that you can smell in the blankets that's been in the storage for a long period of time. With this storage it will definitely be away from those gross bugs.

The quality of the bags and the pump seems to be decent for me. I would definitely buy this product again. Because I get addicted on storing my blankets and clothes that we don't need to wear until Winter.

For the price of: Price:       $29.99
Sale:   $19.99
You Save:       $10.00 (33%) and can be purchased through Amazon.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I did not receive any financial amount. I received the product for FREE  in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.


  1. So cool! That's really going to help save space, especially when you're moving or you're travelling. Thanks for sharing this lovely product!

  2. Product reviews like this are helpful to manufacturers, especially if we point out what can be improved about the product. I hope they hear you out and start making their jumbo bags thicker.


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