Motherhood Stuffs: My Valentine's Day and My Boys

Monday, February 15, 2016

My Valentine's Day and My Boys

I feel so much love by more than just one male in my life. I guess, I am one of the lucky women to ever feel this way.  Not that this doesn't happen always, thus, the extra LOVE I felt during the Hearts Day is amazing.

It started with the Red Tulip Flowers I found on our dinner table along with this HUGE card and a chocolate box in a heart shape. It was unexpected as I did not expect to receive anything from my love. 
The Huge Card, Chocolate Box and my Fave Red Tulip
The HUGE Card I have from my other half...
Make coffee as I woke up early as usual. After everyone was awake, I have another surprised card and my favorite chocolate from my boys. Knowing that it was my first born who handed me their card melts my heart. My happiness is indeed shallow as I do really appreciate anything from smallest to big the kind of acts and things my boys do for me.
From my Boys

Very much happy of the simple and precious way we celebrated the Valentine's Day. I hope you all have a great as well.

I'd like to hear what awesome and surprising things happened to you on this day.


  1. What a lovely Valentine's day! The boys are very sweet! There's so much chocolate! YUM!

  2. How sweet. I love that yu got tulips instead of the overrated roses.


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