Motherhood Stuffs: My #Review about the BEST Baby Sling Carrier Can Wrap Both Front and Back - A Mei Tei Style Carrier Is Considered The Most Stable and Most Comfortable Available

Saturday, January 23, 2016

My #Review about the BEST Baby Sling Carrier Can Wrap Both Front and Back - A Mei Tei Style Carrier Is Considered The Most Stable and Most Comfortable Available

Carrying your baby around is the best thing we  can possibly do to be closer to them. But sometimes, our hands need to be free in order to do something, like it's easy to hold onto something when your hands aren't full.

I'd like to use my arms and hands at the same time while I'm carrying my child. And I'm thankful for this baby sling invention that makes things even better. Carrying your child is no longer a hassle. Hands free I must say.

Today, I have an opportunity to review another kind of baby sling carrier Offered by C&A Commerce.

I purchase the item online, and my transaction went very smooth and the next thing I know, the product is in right in front on our doorstep. Ships fast, especially when you take the advantage of the free shipping and fast.

I see no signs of damage in the packaging box that I was able to open and use the baby sling carrier right away. 

About the Product: (from Amazon website)
·        100% Cotton Baby Sling Carrier
·        Most Comfortable Carrier Available
·        Extremely Stable & Safe For Your Baby
·        Machine Washable - Stain Resistant
·        Carrier Can Wear Both Front & Back
·        Unisex Sling For Babies Up To 35lbs
My Review:
This product is amazing, very unique and the design is way exquisite and different. The packaging is good, I see no signs of damage in the item, however the manual that comes with the merchandise seems to be crumpled indeed look like it's been used by someone else.

I like the outside design of the sling and how you can use it on the back too. It would be very handy for someone who carries a child, especially when they are at the back. But, I have a problem using the sling when I tried the back ways.

As shown in the in the manual, I followed the step by step figure, yet it seems to be very impossible to do it all by myself without the assistance of my husband. I'm very careful not to drop my 13 months old who seems to be moving non-stop. And then it took me 15 minutes to make sure I did the right thing, and when things are all tight up and secure. My son was finally in the baby sling carrier.

It looks like he is very comfortable. However, I have noticed again that the waist portion where it helps hold the baby seems to feel loosening. I'm quite concerned, yet at as the time I used the sling, it never did happen.

The fabric feels sturdy and sewed very well. It feels softer too. The straps are also long enough to use.

I have given a 4 star rating for this product because of some aspects that I am not satisfied with. Maybe it works perfectly for you, these are all my experiences and opinion.

For the List Price of $28.95, it is now dropping to the Price of  $16.49 which saves you $12.46 (43%). I would recommend this product to those  who are seeking for a nice, simple baby sling and want to make sure that the quality of the product is great.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I did not receive any financial amount. I received the products for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine


  1. I love that there's an option for it to be put on your back and not just the front. Perfect!

  2. I wish I had a baby sling when my kids were little. That's a nice looking one.


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