Motherhood Stuffs: 3 Plumbing Problems that Can Lead to Mold Growth

Thursday, October 01, 2015

3 Plumbing Problems that Can Lead to Mold Growth

Plumbing is one of those parts of the home that can be one of the most beneficial as well as one of the most complicated. A small leak anywhere within the system can lead to a variety of problems. As water can be extremely dangerous for the house, many homeowners will seek professional plumbing services in Cambridge to address these complications. A leaking pipe today could cause thousands of dollars in damages later on.

Slight Leaks

As pipes age, they can develop slight leaks. Depending where these leaks are being created, the water may not evaporate very quickly. Over time, this can lead to the development of mold and bacterial growth. This is often the case in leaks that happen within walls. Since there is very little circulating air flow within the walls, the moisture can continue to accumulate providing the perfect breading ground for spores.
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Drainage Breaks

Sometimes a broken drainage pipe can allow water to seep into various areas of the home. Whether it's connected to the sink or the shower, these pipes could be compromised before they lead out of the building. While a large portion of these pipes are usually built within the walls of an establishment, many basements have access to the drains before they connect to underground sewage systems. If a break happens higher within the wall, water can slowly leak down and into the basement areas.

Frozen Pipes

When a pipe freezes, there is a good chance that the water within can expand to the point of splitting the pipe itself. Once it thaws, water can begin to leak as the ice plug is no longer present. Depending on the severity of the burst, you may not even realize there is a problem until there is visible evidence. This evidence could be apparent long after the leak has saturated the interior of the walls, floors or ceiling. It's imperative that you make sure the house can maintain a temperature above freezing to prevent ice in the water lines - even in the basement. If you have a home that you're selling, it may be ideal to inspect the pipes regularly to make sure a problem hasn't began to develop.

Water is one of the most dangerous substances to any piece of property. This natural solvent is capable of compromising the strength of wood, drywall and even cement. Routinely inspect your plumbing for potential threats to the house. Even the smallest of leaks can create the biggest of problems.


  1. These can be a real headache and plumbing costs a fortune. Thanks for sharing!

  2. true..I was just surprised there's water spreading in my comfort room when it used to be dry most of the's the pipes that's aging :(

  3. Plumbing cost a lot Mommy N. Sometimes hubby try to fix little leaks but if he thinks he cannot handle is. He has no choice but to call the plumber.

  4. You said it all sis. good thing there is an expert plumber in the house. Sino pa di AKO..


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