Motherhood Stuffs: Remodelling would be a big difference

Friday, July 10, 2015

Remodelling would be a big difference

One of the things I would like to remodel on our home someday is our kitchen. Nothing's wrong with it, but because I wanted to have more space, especially while I'm baking or cooking for family gathering, it would be convenient to move around the kitchen with a spacious place.

I've seen a nice idea of what should I replace/remodel when that time comes. There are few things we should consider in order to attain the design and renovation we desire. 


  1. I also like a spacious kitchen. I move around a lot when I'm cooking and baking.

  2. Once in a while, remodeling your home gives a new refreshing look. We are planning nga to have a kitchen makeover.

  3. Such a nice landscape! I would love to do this in my backyard!


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