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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Craving for something, Pregnancy

A very late post, just so you know, I am not pregnant.... Well, not recently... who knows if God would give us another blessing in life? I would gladly accept it and again fill it with love together with my boys [just hoping, it would be a girl this time]. As for now, I'm grateful for my boys, though, as yours truly is already out-numbered.

Anyways, one of the cravings I had during my pregnancy days was the caramel popcorn. Wait!!! I know.... I was positive on Gestational Diabetes nevertheless, this post was way before that were identified.

Since I have my own ingredients, thanks to my Late Mother in law [she shares me her ingredients too] as well as internet and also I have tried this before, I never waited for days to make it after I felt the craving. Quite complicated at first, yet it comes easy when you finally realize the quickest way and simplest way to make it.

Caramel corn is way too good, sweet [watch out diabetes] and if I won't stop, I can eat the entire bowl in one day. This was really good, however, I restricted myself from eating them all so it would last for days and it did.

What about you? What are the cravings you had during your pregnancy? Where they weird? Or not?buzzoole code


  1. I guess its normal for a woman to crave food especially when you are a mom to be. Its ok to try some but Watch for the sweet and salts too much can be harmful for your little one :)

  2. Caramel popcorn is also one of my favorite snacks. Shh, but I can eat a big bowl of it. :)

  3. I have been pregnant twice, in two pregnancies I craved for the same food - singkamas :)

  4. Cravings during pregnancy is so common and unique. Good thing you got what you craved for Mommy N.

  5. I love caramel pop corn too! I hope you will have a nice pregnancy! ^_^

  6. Buti na lang caramel popcorn lang. If I may not be mistaken, always available ata yan sa food shelves. But how about craving for lanzones when it is out of season. Whah, dyan pinaglihi ang eldest ko. Hirap hanapin.

  7. opps thats sweet and salty :) stay healthy for ur little angel :)

  8. Awww! I missed this!

    Different strokes for different folks. I craved for heaps of chocolates before I even had a positive pregnancy test

  9. I wasn't into sweets when I was pregnant with my son, but I was eating a lot of rice and soup dishes. When I realized I've been eating too much, I had to do a little "dieting" to prevent having gestational diabetes.


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