Motherhood Stuffs: Thanking for my husband's help I have answer to a french horn questions

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Thanking for my husband's help I have answer to a french horn questions

I played this trivia crack on my phone for half a year now, as my past time. There are questions that I have never encountered nor never heard about till that day. There are American History that I never knew, as I was focused on our Philippines History while learning at school. I knew a few things, hence not most of the questions in this Trivia Crack is asking mostly about the USA history.

There are times whenever I fall in an ART Category, I have to ask my husband's help since he knows mostly and guess the answer more than I do. However, he does know few instruments such as the  french horn.

I know nothing about this instrument, nor play nor get closer to it. And it's one advantage of my husband whenever it comes up with a french horn related questions because he plays this musical instrument and learns something about it.

I feel lucky that I have the man of my life who knows more than I do, who can help me out with answers to simple questions I don't even know and yet way too lazy to find it out myself. 

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