Motherhood Stuffs: What's the menu for the upcoming Diaper Party

Saturday, March 21, 2015

What's the menu for the upcoming Diaper Party

A very overdue post to share with the blog. This was last years, even before our second child was born. Apparently, I've been slacccccccking, to the point that I had now our second child and it's even a new year. Nevertheless, it's better late than never right?

I do hope that I'll remember some of the good things, especially my menu during our Diaper Party, last November 8 of 2014. And would also be the last party that my mother in law will attend to.

I make a small dish for everyone, I never even though that there will be more than 25 people coming aside from my family and good friends here. Thank you so much for showing your support no matter what. My husband and I truly appreciate you celebrating with us in welcoming our son.

Anyways, I think I make few Pinoy foods that mostly everyone likes to eat and they are: Cassava Suman [ Rolled in a banana leaf], Baked Spaghetti, Filipino Style, my famous Lumpia Shanghai, Cookies Cheesecake and more..


  1. Parties are hard work that's why I don't volunteer to organize them. And I'm not that good of a cook either.

  2. diaper party? it could have been great if you have shared some photographs of your menu :)

  3. Diaper party? Sound like a fun party for mommies!


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