Motherhood Stuffs: Thinking of Mother's Day

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Thinking of Mother's Day

Mother's Day is fast approaching and we are busy thinking of what to do during that day together with the first woman in our life. It would be a tough feeling for my husband's family since we just loss a wonderful and amazing Mother [my Mother in law]. We will surely going to miss her as this would be the first Mother's Day that she wouldn't be around and as the same time falls on her supposedly 70th Birthday.

So sad and painful to never see her again, however, it was my honor to be part of her wonderful life. To spend time with her and become my Mother here in the USA. The only thing that we can all do is to be able to remember the wonderful memories she leaves us and talk about it.

Anyways, as for those who are seeking for a nice gift to give to your Mother on the upcoming event. Getting your Mother a personalized mothers rings would be a good idea. It can be a pendant to symbolize you, or a ring of your birthstone and hers, or just simple a nice earrings that would remind her of you.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the loss. Yeah, the day is fast approaching and planning way ahead of this special day will make sure that it will be perfect.

  2. I can relate sa emotion mo sis. My mother died a year ago, and I don't know how will I celebrate mom's Day without the customary kiss and hug sa mommy ko.

  3. That's a nice gift to any mom, I know my mom would be tickle if I give her one this ring.

  4. Time flies when you are having fun! If I can afford it, I will be visiting my Mom!


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