Motherhood Stuffs: The very nice Francois et Mimi #IceCreamBowl, Pastel Colors Set #Review

Thursday, March 05, 2015

The very nice Francois et Mimi #IceCreamBowl, Pastel Colors Set #Review

My family and I love to eat ice cream, especially during Summer when it's 80-90 degree Fahrenheit outside. It's our sort of cooling ourselves during the warm summer days. I always like to have family and friends over for some cold ice cream and so a nice ice cream bowl to use would be good. 

I am very thrilled to work with the Francois et Mimi #IceCreamBowl, Pastel Colors Set today and see what good it gives to me. The product came in the mail through FedEx mail. Checking its packaging I don't see any damage during the shipment. However, while checking the bowls, one thing that I only noticed were a tiny scuff on it, the paint looks like it's been scratched. I don't know what causes it since the items were sealed properly.

I contacted their customer service in regards to some inquiries. After I email them, they respond to my email the next day without any further ado, the small question was resolute on the same day. With great customer service respond to my matters, I am happy and satisfied aside from the fact that the seller will provide a new product for my satisfaction, they also have a great customer service that would take care of the unexpected incidents in regards to the product in hand.

I also adore its pastel colors which also brings more color to my dishes. The bowls are made of a high quality material like a ceramic. There are also 6 bowls in this set, FDA certified Lead-free. Each bowl is very light so don't be intimidated by its look. I would recommend this product to anyone and would give a 5 star rating on my product review.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I did not receive any financial amount. I received the products for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.


  1. Such colorful bowls, perfect for ice cream day on summer times!

  2. Nice review and those are cute ice cream bowl. Very attractive sa kids ang color.

  3. those are pretty neat ice cream bowls....I would love to have some of those.


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