Motherhood Stuffs: New promotions only at Namaste Foods #productreview

Saturday, November 08, 2014

New promotions only at Namaste Foods #productreview

I love it when the time of season that baking is in the atmosphere in most households, it gets me going on baking and trying my favorite desserts as well as making new ones for my beloved. I love desserts but I have to watch out what I'm eating or I will end up getting sick.

Moreover, I have the opportunity to work with Namaste Foods, LLC company once again. Trying and working with them as well as their products before is just awesome. I do find them really fit for the season and if you are looking for a specific dessert, pasta this is the right website to look for them.

I received Namaste Foods for a complimentary testing purposes. What's inside the box was a pack of Muffin Mix, Chocolate Cake mix, their new vegan noodles as well as a box of Pasta. Along with them were the flyers for more information about the company to further give more details about the company and their products. And the reusable tote bag just makes it all keep the products in one place. I also love a few of their recipe cards to give me ideas on what and how I can make a few changes in the old recipes I have. And I love the coupons they slipped in so that I can get a good discount whenever I purchase their product. 

I have tried the Muffin Mix and followed the simple and added more options such as chocolate chips in the mixture. Pretty easy, I never get to do all those preparations when you make something out from a scratch. Definite time saver and money as well.

The products they carry online are Gluten Free Allergen-free Baking Mixes which is I find tasty, needs an instant Pasta Meal Solutions they have it which is made with nutritious and delicious whole grain pasta, don't forget their seasoned coating mixes, and Vegan Instant soup cups.

Please visit Namaste Foods and follow their social media to get more exclusive offers about their products online.

This is NOT a sponsored post. I received the products for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.


  1. I like their baking products, wish I could have some more hehehe.

  2. Muffins I love to have them with my morning coffee. Namaste has healthy products for the family.

  3. Are they sugar free? I would love to have muffins again only if they are sugar free. You're lucky to have opportunities like these where they send you samples for testing. Here, the companies are so stringy they won't even give you anything. But if you file a complaint, you get one year's supply of their product. I guess its better to complain than to promote??? hahaha.

  4. Namaste Foods, seems a familiar name sa akin. My wife love cooking pastries so , I share this post to her.


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