Motherhood Stuffs: Look who's having a Despicable Me Party Kit on the next Birthday #productreview

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Look who's having a Despicable Me Party Kit on the next Birthday #productreview

Planning a party for your love one is indeed challenging and exhausting. The mixture of both won't be able to feel right there and then, but the minute the party is over the adrenaline wears off.

I never like the preparation of the party because of all the works and effort you need to exert. The preparation not only of the food you'll serve, it also comes the themed [if it's for kids] until I have a family of my own.

That's why in order for a last minute rush, I always prepare the themed, plan the meals and more months before the party. I have to make sure that everything is out of reach in order to break that rush and very stressful day.

It might be months away before our son's 5th Birthday but I kid you not, I have things planned now. Yes, the earlier the better, thanks to my former work at NDDU as a Secretary and to my loving Boss who trained me to think ahead of time, it does work and help a LOT.
Moreover, I chose the Despicable Me Party Kit for our son. We know that he is into this Minion the day the movie was released and until now he does play the Minion Rush apps as well as still fascinated with this Character. Even I am still fascinated with those cute and adorable mini yellow characters.

Through USPS I received a box package of Despicable Me Party courtesy of The whole Despicable Me Party kit includes: Ultimate Kit, 8 count of 7" Plates, 8 count of 9" Plates, 35 Shaped foil, Beverage napkins, 16 counts of Lunch Napkins, 24 counts of straws, A very nice Decorating Kit, 8 counts of 9oz Cups, an adorable plastic table cover, Solid curling ribbon, 18 foil balloon which I'm so excited, 8 count of party hats, jointed banner - so cute I can't wait to put them on the wall and drives my son wild.. 2 of solid crepe streamers in different colors, Birthday Candles and Bright Yellow cutlery set.
The whole set is indeed the perfect gadget for the whole Party Ideas. It will make your themed complete with the set, also the quality of the product are high. They are sturdy and doesn't break right away. Positively sturdy products, and one way you can find just the right item online through the website as well. They have plenty of authentic Disney Characters that can't mostly be found in stores.

Overall, my examination as I go through each item of Despicable Me Party is magnificent. I would definitely recommend you to check out more stuff online, they also have great varieties of products as well as costumes for your kids. Different themed parties for adults to kids, you name it they have it.

Please visit Wholesale Halloween Costumes and don't forget to follow their social media to see more of their exclusives offers and discounts online.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I did not receive any financial amount. I received the products for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.

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