Motherhood Stuffs: How to Deal with Complications During Pregnancy

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

How to Deal with Complications During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your body is undergoing so many changes that at times complications may arise. In some mothers, there is a predisposition to certain complications due to existing health issues, however, even healthy mothers may encounter certain complications too. 
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Learning About Complications

The first step in dealing with complications during pregnancy is being aware of them.

If you have an existing medical condition, including (but not limited to) asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, eating disorders, depression, epilepsy, migraines, thyroid disease and so on – you should consult your doctor on the possible complications it can trigger during your pregnancy. Ideally, you should then be sure that you’re aware of the signs and symptoms of these complications so that you can catch them early.

However, if you have no existing medical conditions, you should still take the time to look up all the possible complications that may arise. Talking to other mothers who have had complications during their pregnancies may help too – and a social network such as is perfect for that.

Once you are pregnant, it is important that you attend all your prenatal checkups. During these checkups, it is possible that your doctor will catch the early signs of complications and be able to deal with them quickly. Here you’ll find 3 scary pregnancy complications that finally turned out okay – which is proof that complications can be dealt with properly.

Be Prepared for Any Eventuality

All said and done, it is always a good idea to ensure that you and your spouse are prepared for any eventuality. Just a few simple steps are enough, including:
  • Keep your doctor’s number in a place that is easy to locate, even for a stranger Have an overnight bag constantly packed in case you need to rush into the hospital quickly.
  • Make sure your spouse and the people who you spend a lot of time with are aware of what they should do should you feel that you need to get to the hospital Always remain calm, no matter how alarming the situation may be 
  • For the most part, modern medical science has a pretty firm grasp on how to deal with complications during pregnancy. Odds are that it won’t even get to the point where you need to rush to the hospital, as most complications are spotted a lot earlier than that. Still – it is always good to be prepared!


  1. You can never prepare for everything. I had complications with both of mine but God took care of my babies. Faith is the biggest thing to have when pregnant.

  2. Pregnancy should be a two-way support system! The wife needs the husband to be very supportive at this stage and the doctor's counseling is above all important as well.

  3. That's why I respect my mom so much. She's so strong to go through 7 successful pregnancies! Mothers are super women! :)

  4. My sister had complications before when she was pregnant on her first child. Good thing she surpassed that challenge. But it's really important to have consultations with the doctor on how to deal with it and it's also a great suggestion to talk with the mothers who went through tough times and how they've managed to overcome the problem.


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