Motherhood Stuffs: Kicking' and Punchin' and squirming' and Playin'

Monday, September 22, 2014

Kicking' and Punchin' and squirming' and Playin'

photo not mine

Lately my unborn is being very active inside me which I find very comforting and even happier to see that our unborn is healthy with all those punches, kicking and squirming as much as our baby can as the baby has more room still.

I like it when our baby does kick for security that our baby is perfectly fine. Sometimes s/he just loves to moves getting ready for the outside world. There were times that s/he just stays there, and when s/he squirms oh my whole belly is hard, I kid you not maybe s/he is doing some acrobats inside? We don't know. LOL

As much as I want her/him to come out right now, I would like to enjoy this feeling every single day. The feeling of a mother that likes her unborn child plays inside her belly is one of the precious feeling every mother desires to have always.

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