Motherhood Stuffs: The BEST book to guide you on your Pregnancy

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The BEST book to guide you on your Pregnancy

If you are expecting and whether this is your first or your last, one thing that mother's to be should know is learning about the changes of your body as well as the healthy ways to learn and do about your growing baby. 

I got this book since I have my first born and it is very educating. It gives me answers and information that I should know as long as the symptoms were not very alarming that needs a doctor's visit.

It was from my SIL that loaned me the book and until now, I still never get the chance to read the whole pages. However, there are so many interesting facts and knowledge for first time mothers about what you expect when you are expecting, in order for you not to freak out in some ways.

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