Motherhood Stuffs: Sorted Lilies of 2014

Monday, July 07, 2014

Sorted Lilies of 2014

The lovely flowers are what always captures my heart, and I'm sure it captures every woman on earth too. I've always dreamt to have a flower bed whenever I live in my own house. This time it is coming true, although we haven't started the flower beds in the backyard due to unexpected activity happens, I planted a sorted Lilies beside our home and now after a year and half, I don't need to plant more as they grow back yearly. I enjoyed watching the wonderful blossoming flowers during the summer season.

And so far, I've noticed 3 different colors, some were still blooming and I can't tell if one of them is the tiger lily, we shall see when they are fully open I guess. As of, 2014 I'm still happy that these lilies keeps growing back yearly, which brings me smiles whenever I see them in our yard.  

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  1. I love your lilies mommy! They are so beautiful and has sweet scent too :)


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