Motherhood Stuffs: The Perfect Leche Flan I made for years

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Perfect Leche Flan I made for years

It's been over years now since the last time I make a leche flan. I guess because I have the easy access of making my own ways, I get tired of eating this one good Filipino delicacy we have. And no, I didn't make one yet, however I do plan to make one as long as I have company to share the food with me. It's great to enjoy the dessert with someone else. As for my partner in life? He isn't into the egg custard at all, one or two bites would be best. So, this is it the perfect egg custard I made for a very long time.

Closer look of the Leche Flan

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  1. Oh wow that looks heavenly! I will have to try this recipe out asap!!!



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