Motherhood Stuffs: The most common way thieves gain access to your home

Monday, May 26, 2014

The most common way thieves gain access to your home

We all know that theft is a real and present danger to our homes, and many take serious precautions to prevent it from happening in their places of residence. This is all well and good, but do you know the most common ways thieves can get into your house? If you do, good on you! Hopefully you have secured these areas in your own home. If you don’t, read on.
Sliding doors
Sliding doors of any kind, whether they be wooden or made of glass, are extremely easy to manoeuvre from the outside. Glass doors can also be easily smashed, so a lock on the door won’t necessarily provide you much protection there. These can be reinforced with impact resistant film, making it harder to break. A wooden or metal rod can also be placed in the track of the door, preventing easy access from the outside.

Unreinforced windows
Ground floor windows are a common target for thieves, as they are easy access points. A mechanism similar to that used for sliding doors can be used for windows as a quick fix. However, it is also important to note that the frames of certain types of windows can be taken off, allowing thieves to simply crawl or step into your house. You can reinforce your windows by adding locks that open from the inside.

Through the front door!
Many people hide a spare key near the front door under an innocent looking rock or a pot plant, but this is a common way by which thieves can access your house without having to break anything. If a thief finds this key, the lock on the door will be useless! The best solution for this is simply to not hide a key at all – give a copy to the next door neighbour or someone you can easily contact if you ever accidentally lock yourself out of the house.

The garage is a commonly used point of entry, as many people don’t necessarily treat it with the same seriousness as they would their front door. The lock on a garage door should be of the same grade, if not higher, than for your front and back doors. Also ensure your garage door is closed as often as possible, as there have been reports of thieves sneaking in and hiding in garages when the owners are home and simply waiting until they leave to make their move.

These are just some ways thieves can very easily gain access to your home and belongings. Most of the time, the solutions for these are quite simple, and you could probably do them all yourself. However, if you do feel a bit hesitant or if you are concerned about the security of your house in general, Style wise Security and other security professionals will be able to help you out. 

What do you consider the weak points in your house and how have you tried to make it less accessible for thieves? What are some of your tips for making your house more secure, and how effective do you think they have been? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

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