Motherhood Stuffs: Avoid the Winter ‘Flu Blues’ at your Office

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Avoid the Winter ‘Flu Blues’ at your Office

For some workers, winter is automatically associated with the inevitable cold or flu that is picked up simply by going to a workplace filled with ill colleagues. Luckily, there are ways to avoid being one of the casualties. A little bit of care and preparation can mean that you are not one of the ones to be struck down with a nasty flu that keeps you bedridden for days. Here are a few tips on how to avoid the winter flu blues at your office.
Get Immunized
There are some people that swear by the winter flu jab and get it done regularly before winter hits. Often one of the ways that this helps is that it maintains a level of immunity, so that year after year, they are building on their immunity. Where people have had the flu immunization, they will find that if they do catch a passing flu or cold, it will be less severe than someone who has not been immunized.

Keep Warm
A sudden change in weather can be a shock to the system and cause the body to be susceptible to picking up any of the nasties that are around. Often these germs are around us all the time, and our immunity protects us, but a sudden change of weather, and shivering, can create an opportunity for germs to take hold. Keep warm, and always have a jumper or jacket handy somewhere at the office, or in your bag, just in case the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Wash Hands
It goes without saying that it is important to wash hands after going to the bathroom, handling rubbish, and before eating food, but sometimes when we are busy at work and have a million things to do, it can be missed. Germs can travel a great distance and will live on a surface for a long time, so ensuring that hands are washing after touching anything will help to reduce the possibility of catching the office cold or flu. Having the premises commercially cleaned regularly is also an important way of reducing the opportunity for germs to be shared. . Commercial cleaners such as AMC Adelaide , have a routine that ensures that all areas are cleaned to a high standard. It is a good investment for employers to reduce staff sick leave.

Prepare for Cold Weather
Be prepared for what the weather will bring, by always having an umbrella and warm clothes handy in case of a weather change. One sure fire way to get sick is to get drenched on your way to work and have to spend the rest of the day in wet clothes, so be prepared and take a change of clothes if it looks like you may get wet on the way to work.

Supplement Your Diet
Taking supplements to lift immunity, especially during those colder months is a great way of ensuring that you either dodge the flu blues or that it doesn’t take full effect. Zinc and garlic are some natural ways of boosting an immune system. It is better to eat healthy fruits and vegetables, and have a high immune system, than to treat the nasty symptoms of a cold or flu, after you have already started feeling unwell.

What other ways can you think of that will help to keep your office free from the flu blues? Has your workplace addressed ways in which it can keep its staff in optimal health while in the office?


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