Motherhood Stuffs: Homemade Fresh Lumpia

Monday, April 14, 2014

Homemade Fresh Lumpia

This is another Filipino Delicacy that I love to eat. I must say I can eat Fresh Lumpia probably the whole day or every day and I won’t get tired enjoying the good food. Why is it called Fresh Lumpia? I will share little things I know about the food. The ingredients of this food are mostly vegetables and will be cooked mildly then wrapped in a homemade crepe. It might be tedious, thus it’ll get easier and quicker once you’ve made it once or twice.  It also came with a peanut sauce that would make everything even more delicious.

Each wrap contains at least 403 calories, that’s a homemade version with a peanut sauce. Therefore, if you count your calories, it’s best to watch out while you enjoy this good food.

I’ve made this food many times now and glad to finally share it with my families and friends here. So far, most compliments are uplifting and I’ll definitely make another batch next time. 

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