Motherhood Stuffs: Homemade: Pork Giniling [Ground pork]

Monday, March 17, 2014

Homemade: Pork Giniling [Ground pork]

For some reason, I dared to read recipes when I migrated to the USA, maybe it’s because I need to learn about how to make different dishes aside from the ones I’ve used to know. Since I was little, we have our amazing Mother and wonderful Aunt, who would cook our meals every day, the only thing we need to figure out is the house chores. Although, I’ve tried to cook my family a meal one day, the viand didn’t turn out good. However, I never gave up, there were still times that I need to master the recipe first and read of course to follow the instructions. I am proud to say that now; I can prepare a meal without reading any recipes because I know it by heart.  

Anyways, reading recipes can be also fun way. It makes you learn different condiments and twists and turns of a simple meal into something healthier with more flavors.

Today, I choose to re-create the Pork Giniling for lunch. I never thought that from a sour tomato sauce could be replaced with sweet and delicious flavor. By the end of the day, my son and I enjoyed the viand and so it motivates me to read more recipes and try them one at a time. 

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