Motherhood Stuffs: Homemade Longganisa [Sweet Pork Sausage]

Monday, February 03, 2014

Homemade Longganisa [Sweet Pork Sausage]

Another favorite dish I missed in my hometown is the Pork Longganisa or the Sweet Pork. Honestly, I can eat as much rice as possible whenever this is our viand at home. In addition, because I finally got the recipe online I finally made Beef Longganisa last week. I thought it would be too complicated, but when I read the procedures, it’s very simple and quick. Just ensure you have a long patience to work on the wrapping.

I feel at home once again, and as a bonus, my 3-years-old loves viand. He ate more than he used to and I am happy with it. I make more than 20 pieces and freeze the rest so I have enough to cook next time.

If you wish to make Pork Longganisa, or Sweet Pork please visit this website here.

Freezed Beef Longganisa...

Fried them now... they taste really good.


  1. I wish I can make a good longanisa as my husband loves it!

  2. That is funny mommy because I made some of these the other week and I still have some in the freezer. :) Yum!

  3. I love sweet pork sausage but never thought to make it myself. I will have to check out the recipe.


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