Motherhood Stuffs: Have you ever think about the present?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Have you ever think about the present?

In the next few hours, it is going to be one of the occasions that lovers linger. For February 14, is the day of LOVE that’s why it was designated to be Valentine’s Day. There will be special events, or surprises from each partner during this day. Aside from that, there are partners who habitually get their loved ones something awesome on this day too. If your partner is a music lover, then a visit to a shop or online store is what you should be doing right now, get them a very nice akg k240 at guitar center I assume would be a great present for him or her. I am positive she or he will like the nice music coming out of that headset.  Don’t be late! Get one now!


  1. Headphone would be a nice gift to shelter the sounds of screaming kids for just one day!

    1. Hahaha I couldn't agree more Scott! TYou gave me an idea!

  2. hahaha... Scott, I would love a headphone or an ear piece because there are days I just don't want to listen to noisy screaming kids. Anyway, I would love if my husband buy me one of those juicer or a Kitchen Aid Mixer. LOL~

  3. I love guitar center, got a guitar as a gift there once and the customer service was awesome!


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