Motherhood Stuffs: Where to put up the Stockings?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Where to put up the Stockings?

Moving to a new house also considers you to move and think a new and better place of the decorations you will hang during holidays. Since I need to find a sturdy place to hang up the stockings, it took me awhile to find this spot here. It should be right by the Christmas tree, yet there is no decent place to hang them.

There is an empty space by the stairs, so hubby suggested putting them by the stairs and it turns out to be a perfect place for the Christmas stocking. Sometimes, hubby’s opinion is great to consider which I did and I wasn’t frustrated with the new setup. 


  1. I think stockings by the stairs looks like a nice idea for a location.

  2. I like your stocking designs and yeah, stairs is a great idea.

  3. It's perfect by the stairs Nov, who made those? It is so creative and I am sure you can put lots of candies inside ha ha

  4. It looks good on that bare wall and I think your hubby has an eye for interior decorations. :)


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