Motherhood Stuffs: When you need a noise free place, what to do

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

When you need a noise free place, what to do

There are times when I needed to have a quiet place so I can write something for this blog. However, things sometimes are just too impossible to happen when you are with a very curious, rambunctious, and happy toddler. I am lucky I have such a wonderful son that loves to watch, learn, and play educational learning in my iPad. Therefore, from a 10 minutes work it somewhat takes me up two hours before I finished an article. I know right, it is a little bit hard when you try to think about something, hence one thing I should get him so I could have at least a few minutes of a noise free background. I did browse and a nice shure se425 sound isolating earphones is just what I need for him. I am hoping that with this earphones, I will have time to concentrate to write the articles. 

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  1. Ha ha, I was doing that way back when m 2 boys are still toddlers. You're right sometimes noise distracts our concentration when we are writing or working.


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