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Monday, January 27, 2014

Walking store

This are the walking vendors in the Philippines, something I have missed so much. They are everywhere, that's why you don't need to go to the department stores just to buy something small that you need. Such as the snacks and suchs.

I got this photo from one of my sister in law's album while she share here trip to Manila with my brother and sister and niece. This catches my attention as I never seen one like this since I move into the different country. 

It must be great to see them around that way it would be easier for us to buy something without going to the store. A walking vendor as I have called it, for their stands have wheels that they can push the stands for a new location. 


  1. Those rolling store are a great help to consumers who can't walk to the store.

  2. That is kind of awesome. Would not work in some neighborhoods though as some would grab and run which is pitiful. I do like the idea though. Would save a trip to the store for me.

  3. I know right! Won't that be something. You should start something like that in your neighborhood mommy for those who can't drive to the store. hehehe... I miss Pinas! Actually, I have been missing the Philippines so much lately. I want to move back there and live up in the mountains where my mom inherited. I miss the lifestyle in Pinas so much. The simple life. The people, my friends, my family, everything about it. Oh! Pinas. :)

  4. Yes really big advantage especially in buying something to cook for dinner.
    Our neighbor back home sells veggies and she goes around the neighborhood selling them.


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