Motherhood Stuffs: Mothers who have an office place at home, how to hid it

Monday, January 20, 2014

Mothers who have an office place at home, how to hid it

I have my space at home, and I called it my office place. It is where I spend most of my time whenever I don’t do my chores, playing with my son, teaching my son and more. It is where I do my blogging and yes, I have papers on my desk too. As much as I would like to organize them as often as I can, it seems too impossible to keep it organized all the time.

Therefore, I have looked online on what can I do to hide my office space at home whenever I have family and friends over. Another thing is it also nice to just keep that hidden place.

I have found nice pictures, which might be a good thing to share it with you. Ideas, you might want to consider into your own office space. 

put a sliding close them easily 

find a place on the 2nd story of your house...

a space by the hallway ...

below the stairs is just a perfect place...

Eclectic Home Office by Austin Interior Designers & Decorators Scheer & Co.
or in your living room and hid them with a nice curtain...



  1. These are great - I'm not a mom but sometimes, it's also hard to find a good interior for a workplace at home.

  2. I like the last photo. My work room is really bare at this moment. I have 1 computer table, 1 small table and 1 extra chair.
    the photo gave me an idea how to organize my work room.

  3. Yes, it's nice to squeeze in the office at home just make sure it's orderly and away from distraction.

  4. My sister has that small space on her room (Work space). Thanks for the idea. I think I need to renovate my room. ^_^

  5. I love the first one! That would be perfect for me.

  6. Oh, I really need a work place at home. I just carry my netbook or iPad anywhere, like on the bed lol. I like the 3rd photo

  7. The one under the stairs looks like an efficient way to use space.

  8. It's new year - I definitely have to set up a room for my home office.

  9. Having a quiet place to work for yourself is a must especially if you work writring articles and such.

  10. Anywhere as long as blogging jobs but for writing a novel, I want the quiet and lonely place.


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