Motherhood Stuffs: I have finally discover what's it called

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I have finally discover what's it called

When I saw the Hohner at musicians friend it flashes back the memories I have with it during my childhood days. I saw one at my mother’s closet one time, when I was looking at her old and very nice clothes during her time. When I asked her who the Hohner belongs to, she said that it was for our eldest brother. I don’t remember whom it really was from and so I borrowed it to play music from the Hohner. You need to use your mouth and breathing in order to produce rhythm out of it. I think the only simple tune I know was “Mary had a little lamb”. It was funny that I only knew what it is called until now.


  1. My son loves harmonicas He has about 10 different ones. Some as old as 20 years or more from his grandpa!

  2. I love listening to these, I wish I could play one myself.

  3. Aww..that's a cute story. :) My daughter is interested in music instruments and she has a small harmonica.

  4. I am not particular with music instruments name either.

  5. When my mom was still alive, she plays this instrument early in the morning. She loves playing musical hymns and I missed her.

  6. Awe! What a sweet story. I sure don't know how to play any kind of instruments. I am happy my boy will start learning how to play a guitar though.


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