Motherhood Stuffs: He is baking his Christmas Bread

Sunday, January 12, 2014

He is baking his Christmas Bread

This was taken last month - December when my spouse decided to bake the bread he will be bringing his mother's house for the dinner. Getting ready early is the best thing we can do so we don't rush of doing the things that needs to be done. 

What does the other partner do when the other one is working? Yup! taking photos of the family, I've got to have this in file you know.


  1. Cool, that's such a cool skill, baking his own bread.

  2. I wonder what kind of bread he is baking? Isn't it sweet to see when DH is working in the kitchen? How did the bread turned out?

  3. Oh yeah
    , every moment need to be captured for future memories!

  4. It's also a more intimate gift for his mother since he made it himself.

  5. THat is so nice that he knows how to bake bread, no one in my household does lol.

  6. He seems having fun baking, did Dodong K help out dada? Oh maybe Dodong K was running away from you because you loe to snap a picture lol

  7. Kudos to the hubby who knows how to bake!


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