Motherhood Stuffs: What keeps me closer to the Philippines

Thursday, December 12, 2013

What keeps me closer to the Philippines

Being a Filipino it is very normal to have a homesick feeling, knowing we all grown up in the Philippines and when we migrate here to be with the person we love it is another new country, different traditions and cultures we need adjust and adapt. After our last visit with my family in the Philippines, I found a great way to get connected with some Filipinos, I don't need to travel thousand miles away as well as to spend money for tickets. Instead, I found this live streaming radio station in Manila, honestly I never like to listen to this kind of Radio Station while I was still in the country. However, because of how amazingly funny the DJ is, and how blunt he is to his caller who seeks for advice, I get addicted to tune in the live streaming every morning. Which is very late at night in the Philippines. 

I shared this station with my dear friend who is in Wisconsin and so she gets addicted on tuning in with the station. We laughed our butt off and also feels just like home. Thank you PapaJack who is the funniest DJ as well as Chico Loco who is another DJ in another station as both were partners in their own nonsense yet amusingly sessions. 


  1. I will check this out.. I only check on youtube for some music.

  2. It's nice that Filipino Stations can be streamed now through the internet so it makes people abroad less homesick.


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